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Big Moose's Big Mountain Adventures


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Who is Big Moose
Who is Big Moose

A fellow human fortunate to have had many experiences in the span of this life, some fifty revolutions of the Earth Mother around our Oldest Brother the Sun. Also...

Big Moose and family; Janice, Bonnie, Saya


Big Moose knows that many people who would enjoy the quiet adventures found in the natural setting of the Appalachian Mountains lack the directional and survival skills to safely explore.  Big Moose uses his close relationship with the Four Spirit Beings Who Live in the Four Directions, and his knowledge of keeping safe to help you experience your own personal, unforgettable, deeptime mountain adventures.

  • Guide
  • Athlete
  • Scholar
  • Former Businessman
  • Teacher
  • Philosopher
  • Accomplished Cook
  • Parttime Comedian
  • Poet Laureate of Locus Gaia Gamma


Big Moose in the High Meadow, an unforgettable place to browse for wild strawberries in late June, on Spruce Mountain, West Virginia.

Big Moose's Big Mountain Adventures* HC 64 Box 167 * Hillsboro, West Virginia * 24946