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Big Moose's Big Mountain Adventures


Homebase and Multiday Adventures
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Who is Big Moose
Homebase and Multiday Adventures

Big Moose helps you design two kinds of personal adventures. 
Homebase adventures
Happen in the Yew Mountains of West Virginia  They can be dayhikes, auto adventures, a combination, or multi-day backpacks.  Big Moose is intimately familiar with the West Virginia Highlands and can help you design an unforgettable adventure to places few people know, or have even heard of.
  • Turtle Rock
  • Hidden Gorge
  • Deep Time Ravine
  • Rainbow Cliff
Deep Time Adventures happen from the perspective of the indigenous ones who roamed our land for 15,000 years before the arrival of the Europeans.  You will quickly learn to communicate with our sisters and brothers of the Animal Nations.  You will learn techniques for moving silently through the forest.  Learn to quickly move your brain to alpha waves and become spiritually invisible. Perhaps you would like to learn survival skills like building a debris hut, finding water, making fire, finding wild edibles.  UNFORGETTABLE DEEP TIME ADVENTURES!
Multiday Adventures
Big Moose has spent many past orbits of Earth Mother about Brother Sun exploring areas of old growth and virgin forest in the "Oldest Mountains"  Here are some exciting possibilities for multiday deep time adventures 
  • whole mountainsides of Spring wildflowers in the land of giants
  • camp among the spirits of the Cherokee in summer in the land of giants at "tsunda nilta yi"
  • meet your brother, Yonu, the bear, near the east's highest mountains
  • lunch at the "Big Butt Foragette", hammock under an incredible buzz of life
  • explore rock houses among some of West Virginia's best old growth
We will learn to interact with the Earth Mother as did the native ones, creating your very own UNFORGETTABLE DEEP TIME ADVENTURES!

I believe my years of experience exploring the Appalachian Highlands can help you create an unforgettable deep time adventure.  Allow me to answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs in creating a personal deep time adventure, like I have done for many others.

Home Base Adventures
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Multiday Adventures
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Many of the Big Moose's Adventures require Big Moose to discuss your specific needs in order to quote a price. 
Big Moose also does school groups! 

Please contact Big Moose for more details!

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Big Moose's Big Mountain Adventures * HC 64 Box 167 * Hillsboro * West Virginia * 24946